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What To Do After Saying YES

  1. Tell everyone - Celebrate the wonderful news and all the joy it brings you. Make all your phone calls and text. Tell your friends and family the wonderful news first. Then post it on your social media.

  2. Your Wedding Ring - Wedding rings take time to size. Go ahead and get this done. Some offer with purchase and some do not. Ask your local Jewlery shops. Your partners wedding  ring and your wedding band, it never hurts to go ahead and pick these out as well.

  3. Pick your wedding date - we all have special sentimental dates that mean so much to the couple. Holidays, seasons, and reasons. Always keep in mind what means so much to you both.

  4. Establish a checklist - this is for your sanity and to prevent frustration. Make a checklist and a budget. Be mindful of the ones around you willing to help out.

  5. What does your dream wedding look like? Discuss this with your partner and agree on colors and a vision. Like will it be a big dance party or will it become a formal tea party? Do you like brunch or do you like dinner? A big wedding or small? How many do you want to invite?

  6. Schedule your engagement shoot - you will want these photos for social media and for your wedding table. Professional photography is very important, this lasts your entire lifetime.

  7. Select your Wedding Venue - Many options and many different settings. So consider logistics and the over all look and feel of your wedding day. Are you modern. Rustic, landscape, lakefront, chapel, or indoors. Book your venue early on. Some offer payment plans and some offer discounts depending on time of year or if it’s a micro wedding.

  8. Choose the wedding party - all up to you on importance and if they will make your special day fun. Ask for their help on planning. Bridal showers, vacations. Your wedding party is your biggest supporters.

  9. Your bridal dress - This is our special time with you. We have a list on our appointment page to see details. At Brooke and Bre, we make your day extra special and memorable to last you a lifetime. We look forward to meeting you and finding your perfect dress. We offer surprises and gifts at different times to make a YES a wonderful celebration. We look forward to meeting you!

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